Pricing For Custom Designed eQSL Cards From W3ZJ

The price of a basic card is $15.00. We then add incremental charges for extra features as follows:

Logos when available or you supply - $1.00 each
Additional photographs to form a collage $2.00 each.

Additional eQSL cards using the same base image with a different callsign and station information are $5.00.

Note that all charges are for services performed there are no charges for any materials or images provided.

A basic eQSL card consists of one background image, yours or ours. Examples of our images are the maps shown on the samples and anything you may choose from the eQSL image library. All lettering including callsign, location and station information is included and placed on the background image using colors, highlighting and drop shadows so that it is attractive and easy to read.

Updates of address and station information and uploading of the completed card image to eQSL.CC using card style 4 are free for as long as you use the card. We require style 4 because of the flexibility it offers in the placement of the QSO info label. We do not use any of the other features of the style 4 design tool and request that you do not try to use it to change the card yourself. Let us do it, minor text changes are free. A new picture is like starting from scratch and is subject to the charges shown above.

We prefer that you give us a little artistic freedom to choose the best text colors and font styles that complement your image. We will provide you with a sample proof of your card by email before placing it on eQSL.CC and will make any reasonable changes or corrections you require. A new picture is not reasonable. We will tell you up front if we think the image you have submitted is unsuitable for some reason. However, once we have begun to work on it the picture is locked in. We will make changes to font styles or colors where it makes sense to do so and of course correct any errors.

Each card on our sample page shows the price based on the above criteria. All prices are subject to change without notice.