Image Quality

All of our QSL images are developed using Adobe Photoshop in a high resolution. The very last step in the process is to convert the images to jpeg format for the web and reduce the resolution to control the file size. Each QSL image file is approximately 50Kb in size depending on the content of the total image. This produces the highest quality images possible for viewing on the web while at the same time keeping the file size reasonable.

If you are using a dial up service provider with a 5X web accelerator the quality of the sample images may be greatly reduced. This is due to the fact that the accelerator is applying extreme compression to graphic files in order to reduce the file size. After passing through the accelerator our QSL image files will reduced to about 15Kb. Indeed this improves web-browsing speed but unfortunately it also drastically degrades image quality. You will notice blotchy colors (especially on red), jagged edges on lettering, poor focus and noise. We recommend that you turn your accelerator off, clean out your browser cache and reboot before viewing the samples. Be sure that your accelerator doesn't automatically restart when you reboot. If it does, turn it off immediately before browsing anything. You can turn the accelerator back on later if you prefer speed to image quality.