Custom Designed eQSL Cards From W3ZJ

Have you tried to design your own eQSL card using a favorite photograph, printed QSL card or post card of a local attraction? How did it come out? Chances are you couldnít get the colors or style you wanted for your callsign and some of the rest of your text was very hard to read. No matter what color text you chose some of text looked OK and some was unreadable because it didnít contrast very well with the varying background colors in your image. †Or, maybe you just donít have any idea how to do your own card.

If you are at least a Bronze member of eQSL.CC, we can help you. If you are not a Bronze member yet, visit the eQSL.CC site right now and take care of that. Then come back here.

Take a look at our samples to get an idea of what we are talking about. Choose a style you would like or just send us your background image either by email or postal mail. If itís an image you took with a digital camera email it to us using the highest resolution you can we can handle most common graphics formats. Donít worry if the file is large we can deal with it. If what you have is a processed photograph, post card, or existing printed QSL card, send it by postal mail. We have a high resolution scanner which will reproduce your image perfectly in every detail.† If you have an existing eQSL that you want spruced up we can download it from eQSL.CC. Then we will go to work turning it into an eQSL card that you will be proud to send and the recipients will want to print.